Top Experts’ Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree Like A Pro

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

If every Christmas you struggle figuring out how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally, then we have your back! Christmas trees are a significant part of Christmas; from shopping for the right tree to decorating it like a professional, each step is essential and should be thought through.

During this holiday season, it is common to see beautifully decorated Christmas trees all around you just like the Christmas roses; in fact, the tree tradition has been around since the 16thcentury. It started in Germany, where it is rumored that Martin Luther King was the first to put lights on a Christmas tree!

This article states ideas and tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree professionally. There are multiple ways you can decorate a tree, from small ornaments to big ones, from lights to personal souvenirs. This article will help you change any Christmas tree to a designer Christmas tree.

If you love decorating Christmas, especially the Christmas tree, this article will be of great help. Decorating a Christmas tree as a professional might sound like a hefty task, but it is far more comfortable and a lot of fun to do in reality. With the help of a few ideas and steps, you, too, will be able to decorate your Christmas tree just like a professional.

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

How to decorate a Christmas tree professionally

Having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is something that you fall in love with. We often see magical-looking Christmas trees in departmental stores and want to have them for ourselves, but unfortunately, we cannot achieve that same effect on our won.

Decorating a Christmas tree is something that everyone wants to take part in. With the ideas and tips we will be suggesting to you below, your whole family will not only enjoy decorating the Christmas tree, but it will also turn out to be great.

Prep Your Tree

The first step in prepping your tree starts with choosing the right kind of tree. The two main options are going for a real Christmas tree and an artificial one.  A real tree will fill your house with the perfect Christmassy scent; however, taking care of a real tree is a big responsibility.

If you are unwilling to take a lot of responsibility but still want to decorate it and have the Christmassy vibes, go for an artificial tree. It is easily portable, does not shed any needles, and is durable.

Some of the most preferred and used decorations to decorate Christmas trees are different kinds of Firs. Once you buy a tree, the next step is to fluff it. Artificial Christmas trees often come in boxes, and at times these trees are stuffed and kept in boxes for any months. It causes the tree to become flat and not have the ideal shape. In such a case, before you start decorating, fluff the branches of the tree.

You can do this with your hand by pushing all the branches away from each other in different directions. Do not forget to fluff the inner branches because that is what makes a great difference in your tree visually. It makes your tree look much more prominent and fluffier.

 Decide A Theme

Decide a theme for decorating a Christmas tree

If you want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally, I recommend you deciding a theme for your tree decoration.  Choosing a theme to work around and decorate a tree can ease your task. It will help you pick your decorations and will be a much swifter process than usual. 

These themes can be based on the kind of ornaments or colors you want to use. Deciding a theme based on colors can be a lot of help. You can go for a white and silvery theme, a more natural theme with greens, browns, goldens, and a multi-colored can splash all the colors you want on your tree.

Deciding a theme based on colors narrow down your shopping list; you no longer would have to buy lots of lights and ornaments and end up wasting a lot of them.

Another way to pick a theme is by the type of decoration you want to use. If you are planning for a vintage look, you can use the old ornaments that might already be available in your house, or if you are leaning towards a more modern look, you can go shopping.

It depends on what vision you have while decorating your professional Christmas tree.

Work With The Lights

Work with the lights on Christmas tree

Putting the lights on your Christmas tree should be your first step while decorating. It is not compulsory to do so, but professionals recommend it. Doing this will automatically ease your task since lights are among the bigger elements used while decorating the tree.

You can either use big bulbs that will stand out on their own or use small fairy lights that will blend in with everything else. If you plan to have a more funky and creative look for your tree, go for the bigger bulbs, but if you invade your tree to be more traditional and opt for fairy lights on a softer side.

Once you decide your lights, start by wrapping the light from the tree’s trunk to the top. Make sure you at least leave one branch vertically after every line of light. Do not pack the tree with too many lights.

Decide The Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments.

Deciding what kind of ornaments you are going to use in your tree’s decoration is crucial. Often, we stuff all types of decoration pieces on our tree, making it look chaotic and, at times, a little tacky.

It is essential to make smart, creative decisions while deciding the ornaments. Whether you are using the decorations you already have at home or are planning to buy new ornaments, it is a good idea to sort them out and put them in different boxes.

Sorting out your decoration elements before you begin with the decoration can be a great help. You can make different boxes for different stuff, e.g., put your ribbons in a separate box, your new ornaments in a separate one, your old vintage ones in another, you lights in another box, etc.

Furthermore, you can also divide your decoration stuff into different colors and sizes; this will help you decorate the tree much faster than usual.

There are a number of Christmas tree ornaments that will look great on your Christmas tree:

  • Ball ornaments
  • Stuffed animals like reindeer
  • Tiny snowman toys
  • Snow globes
  • Garlands
  • Candy Canes
  • Star Ornaments
  • Photos

To learn more about these items and where to get them, click here.

Besides buying new decoration pieces, you can opt to make them yourself or use the old ones. It will not only make your tree stand out, but you will also have a deeper connection to it.

The best way to customize your ornaments is to use personal belonging, e.g., use polaroid pictures with your family and friends in your decoration; you can also use your kids’ artwork or any personal belonging that you think would go amazingly with the tree décor. 

Add Some Ribbons

After setting the lights and picking out the ornaments, start decorating your tree with ribbons. Using ribbons might sound easy, but to decorate Christmas trees with ribbons can often be quite challenging.

Choosing mesh and glittery ribbons are always recommended over silky and satin. It is because mesh ribbons are easy to decorate with. The problem with silky ones is that they might fall off if not tucked in properly.

Start by decorating from the bottom of the middle. Take the end of a ribbon and pinch it into an inner needle. Once you think the end is firmly fixed, you can now wrap it around the tree.

Do not use a very long ribbon piece at one but cut the ribbon into pieces so you could use different kinds of ribbons without overstuffing the tree. One tip that you should definitely remember when using ribbons is that do not tighten them around the tree but let them loose (but make sure they don’t sag).

There are many styles that you can go for with ribbons other than the usual we know:

  • Cut long pieces of ribbons, enough to cover the full height of the tree. Pinch one end of the ribbon at the top of the tree and let the rest fall off till the bottom of the tree. Now pin the ribbons at certain parts inside the bushes.
  • Make small bows with different colored ribbons to give your tree a fancy look.
  • Use the ribbons to hand ornaments or pictures on the tree.
  • Make garlands out of the ribbons.

Add A Tree Skirt

People often don’t add a tree skirt to their Christmas tree decoration, but you must choose one if you are looking to decorate your tree professionally. A tree skirt gives your tree a more finished and expensive look.

To make your tree skirt look just as good as the rest of the tree decoration, lay it evenly on the ground and sure it is flat and firm. Make sure the tree skirt goes hand in hand with the entire theme of decoration and the interior of the place you have put your tree in. A tree stand that blends with the rest of the room but is still noticeable is the one you want to go for instead of having a big fancy one that looks extra. 

Include Baubles

Baubles are undoubtedly one of the few essential ornaments that should be on your Christmas tree. Whether you are going for a simpler looking tree or a very fancy one, using baubles is always significant.

When buying baubles, it is very important to consider your theme and the type of look you are going for so that you do not buy a lot of these without having to use then, or worse, use them all! Packing your Christmas tree with baubles of all colors and sizes will overpower the rest of the decorations’ elements.

That is, you should pick a theme or a few colors and buy baubles according to them. For a more detailed and full look, use baubles of different sizes, hanging the bigger ones on the inside and the smaller ones in the front.

The fun thing about baubles is that they come in all sorts of shapes and styles; you can find baubles that look like wine bottles, animals, Santa Claus, etc. These make your tree look creative. Children especially fall in love with these kinds of baubles!

To learn more about fancy baubles and where to buy them, click here.

Fill The Spaces

A thing you need to understand when decorating a professional Christmas tree is the difference between too much and not enough. While it is not recommended to put lots of decorations on your tree, it is also not a good idea to leave big empty spaces that look odd.

After you are done with your decoration, take back a step, and look at your tree from a distance. If you notice any empty spaces, then go ahead and fill it up. It is unnecessary to put many things in the open space, but the important thing is to put the right things. 

Most of the time, you already have small ornaments or Christmas toys at home that you can use to fill these empty spaces.  A crucial thing to remember while doing it is that it doesn’t cluster the ornaments. Keep a reasonable distance between them and stylize them in a manner that they blend in with the rest of the tree decoration.

Notch It Up

The thing about deciding to go a little extra with your Christmas tree decoration is that you need to determine how far you are aiming to decorate it. If you are adding extra decoration pieces hoping that they will notch your decoration, you might have to reconsider.

Most of the time, trees don’t even need any additional detail to stand, but a little extra can make a massive difference in some cases.

Decorate your Christmas Tree with ribbons

Some useful elements that you can add for the extra details are:

  • Glitter tapes
  • Big ornaments
  • Pictures of you and your family
  • Greeting cards
  • Stockings

You can notch up your Christmas tree with basically anything if you know how to use it properly. At times, many pieces are lying around you that you do not even consider using; hence give them a try. Use your creativity and dive in!

The Final Detail

Once you are completely done with your Christmas tree decoration, then you can go ahead and add some final elements to it and call it a day.

The first thing to add is a topper like a glittering star. A topper should be your most favorite and fancy item on the tree; go for something sparkly and big that catches everyone’s eyes. You can also place a big stuffed Santa Claus tou at the top or a picture of all your family, a glittering star or a snow globe, etc.  

Along with the topper, another important finishing detail is the gifts. At the tree’s base, on the tree skirt, place the gifts and the gift-wrapping items. You can also put stuff toys or literally anything that adds to your tree and brings the whole decoration together.


Decorating a Christmas tree is an enjoyable part of a Christmas celebration for many people.  Unfortunately, many of us fail to decorate it the way we envision it. Many times, we put a lot of things in our tree just to make It look beautiful but end up making it a bit too extra, which is why it is essential to follow a few steps and take inspiration while decorating your tree. A professionally decorated tree will stand out on its own. 

This article highlights the important tips that one should consider if they want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally. These decorating tips will help you decorate your tree like a pro without having to spend a lot of money. These steps will let you buy and sort ornaments and decorations according to your theme and then let you decorate it from scratch till the very end.

Please share with us the ideas and tips you consider while decorating your Christmas tree in the comment section. Also, tell us whether the ideas that we shared helped you in decorating your Christmas tree. If we missed any significant step, feel free to inform us!


What is the most preferred way of decorating a Christmas tree?

The best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to decorate it around a theme; this theme can be based on the style of the ornaments or the colors. Start with lights and ribbons as the base of your decoration, use the correct size of the ornaments (use both small and large ones accordingly), fill in the empty spaces, and make sure not to clutter the tree with too much of anything.

How long should you wait to decorate a real Christmas tree?

Real Christmas trees work differently from artificial ones. Most of the real Christmas tree will take a few hours to open up properly, which is why you should leave the tree for 3-4 hours after bringing it home before you start decorating it.

How do you decorate a traditional Christmas tree?

To decorate a Christmas tree, traditionally keep everything simple, subtle, yet elegant. Start by fluffing the tree; add bright yet small fairy lights. Use beautiful beaded garlands instead of fancy ribbons, add solid-colored ornaments instead of adding too many colors at once, and finally, add a sparkling topper. A  

What tree makes attractive Christmas decoration?

Firs of any kind like Douglas, Fraser, or Balsam make the most attractive Christmas tree since they are voluminous, have a perfectly symmetrical shape, and are strong enough to hold bulky decorations. Apart from firs, pine can also make good Christmas trees because of their festive scent, symmetrical shape, and the ability to hold heavy decoration pieces.

How do professionals decorate Christmas trees?               

Professionals decorate Christmas trees with the help of a theme; they choose what look they are going for and then decorate the tree accordingly. They also use classic ornaments like ribbons, baubles, and garlands according to their theme and finish off by putting different sizes of presents under the tree.

What colors go well together on a Christmas tree?

Some colors and color combinations look far more gorgeous on Christmas trees than others. Many professional Christmas tree designers use themes that help you play with colors that go well together.

These themes can be rainbow colors, subtle warm colors, or nature-themed colors. Warm colors like goldens go perfectly with more sparkly colors like silver. Yellows and browns go amazing together.

You can also use nature-themed colors like greens, browns, and golden together. Green and red also perfectly complement each other and give off major Christmassy vibes.