Top 15 Fun Baby Christmas Games Your Toddlers Will Love To Play

baby christmas games

Christmas is a festival for all; where adults enjoy their fun activities, the young ones have their own baby Christmas games. It can be a bit tricky planning a Christmas party when you have toddlers in your family, or your friends have small kids who you want to have fun with just like the rest of the people. With the growing trend of having fun-filled Christmas activities, baby Christmas games have also become very popular.

Christmas baby games are not just a lot of fun for the children themselves, but you will surely enjoy a lot of planning them too. This article lists 15 Christmas games for super fun toddlers, and the children at your party will enjoy them.

From fun, easy-going games to super energetic ones, from games that enhance your cognitive skill to games that are laid back and relaxed, all of these would make your toddler’s’ Christmas so much more fun than it always is. These games are a way to keep the children occupied and entertained while the adults have their fun.

15 Best Baby Christmas Games For Toddlers

best Christmas games for toddlers

You can arrange many fun games for your toddlers to include them in the festivity. Although the list is long but below we have listed fifteen of the best, most fun, and easy to plan games that you should give a go. These games are widely popular and super exciting; hence they guarantee fun for your kids.

Reindeer Race

It is a fun game to start the Christmas activities with. It is a simple racing game; however, each kid participating will be given a reindeer name and a tag that says that name. Arrange a short route with a few obstacles, and the kid that reaches the finish line wins the race. You can also give the kids a reindeer makeover with props, like small red noses or horns made out of wood, etc., to make them feel like a reindeer.

If your Christmas party is outdoors and it is snowing, then this game will be perfect. Create a path by clearing the snow and watch the little reindeers run around and enjoy!


pictionary game for Christmas

It is like the usual Pictionary except that the prompts will be more suited for the children and would be Christmassy. For instance, write the name of Christmas-related things like Christmas tree, Santa Claus, presents, etc. Write the name of these things on pieces of paper and place them in a jar. Each kid has to randomly pick a piece of paper and draw it on a board for his/her friends to guess.

You can choose to make pairs of kids so that the other one guesses while one kid draws. It will help them to learn to work in teams. Keep a count of the score, and give the winning pair a Christmassy prize!

Guessing Game

Christmas guessing game

It is another one of the easy but enjoyable games. All you need is a stocking and some Christmas items that can fit into a stocking, e.g., candy canes, small ornaments, small toys, etc. Put these items in the stocking and allow the children to touch them from above the stocking.

They will then have to guess what they are feeling—the ones to give the correct answer win. For more fun, divide the children into teams and count their score. At the end of the game, the team with the greater score wins a prize.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas Scavenger hunt for toddlers lets them go around the house and explore. If you are having over a lot of kids this Christmas, then this is the perfect game. Make pairs or teams of three and give each group its clues (make sure the clues are written in easy language). 

The kids playing this game will have to look for the hidden objects around the house with the help of the clues. You can also pair each kid with an adult to make it easier for the kids and to include everyone in this fun game.

Pin The Nose To The Santa 

This game is similar to the famous game ‘Pin the tail the Donkey’; this game is the perfect activity for younger children who are just developing their cognitive skills. Make a snowman with white paper or cardboard, cut some eyes, a hat, and an orange nose, for the children to put on the snowman.

To make it even more interesting, you can blindfold the kids and challenge them to put the snowman’s features without being able to see. The kids will love seeing a snowman indoors.

Santa Says

This baby Christmas game is a take on the classic ‘Simon Says.’ Instead of saying Simon Says, say Santa Says instead and asks the kids to do small Christmas related tasks like saying ‘ho ho ho’ like the Santa, sing a Christmas carol or run around like reindeer, etc. Make sure that the kids only do the task when the leader says, ‘Santa says.’ 

You can also let the kids be the leader and see them enjoy giving silly directions to their friends. This game is undoubtedly filled with laughter and joy.

Minute To Win It

Christmas cookies

Among all the Christmas games to play, this has to be one of our favorite baby Christmas game.  It is a Christmas take on the classic game ‘minute to win it,’ but you have to play it accordingly since it is for toddlers.

Give the kids some tasks like stacking the plastic cups, eating five cookies, decorating a gingerbread man, etc. and ask them to complete these tasks in the given time. Each kid will get the same time, and the one to finish it in the least time wins.

Santa Spotting

Santa spotting is one of our favorite family and baby games. It is super relaxing and can be enjoyed after having had your Christmas dinner and decided to lie down for a bit. Make all the kids comfortable; give them comforters and snacks, and put on a Christmas movie with many Santa sightings.

Ask the kids to spot the Santa Clause and shout “Santa” whenever they do so. The kids can keep a count of the number of times they saw the Santa and then tally it with others. The ones to get the correct number win a prize.

Slam The Snowman

This baby Christmas game is a lot of fun, just like the slam games in the carnivals. Kids love going to carnivals, and with this game, you can bring the carnival home.

Take a few white paper cups, and make snowman faces on them, stack them up in a tower, and ask the kids to come one by one and throw a paper ball on it. You can divide the game into different rounds, making it from the easiest to the most difficult. You can also arrange prizes for the winners.

Christmas Bowling

If your little ones love visiting the arena and bowl, then this is a perfect baby Christmas game for you. Make the bowling pins with the help of old used plastic bottles, fill them with a surprise for the kids like candies or toys and arrange them just like the pins in a bowling arena.

Hit the pins using a small ball. The kids will absolutely love this idea as they also get to win the little prizes hidden inside the bottles.

Snowball On Spoon

Christmas snowball on spoon

It is one of our favorite races. The rules are simple; place a small cotton ball, which would be mimicking snowballs, on spoons, each kid will have to run with a spoon in their mouth without letting the snowball fall off. You can also put some obstacles in the way. The one to complete the race without dropping the ball wins.

To add more fun and festive look to the game, decorate the tiny snowballs with sparkles and beads. It will increase children’s interest in playing this game.

Christmas Color Sort

Christmas color sort is both good at having fun and learning colors at the same time. If your kids have just started learning primary colors, this is the perfect game for you. Draw a big Christmas tree on a chart, cut it out, and paste it on a wall.

Also, cut small circles, which will be ornaments, in different colors. The more kids you have, the more trees you have to make as well as the ornaments. Now ask the kids to paste specific colored decorations on the tree and see how involved they will get. Change your directions once the kids get the hang of it.

Hunt The Candy

Hide candy canes, and other Christmas treats around the house. Wrap them in gift paper so that they are easy to identify. Give the kids a timer and tell them to look around the house to find the candies. You can also provide them with small baskets or paper bags so they can collect all the candies they find. These candies will then be given as a prize to the kids.

Christmas Musical Chairs

All kids have played musical chairs, and most of them absolutely love it. This musical chair game has a small yet significant change: instead of playing random music in the background, you will have to play Christmas carols.

To give it a more Christmassy feeling, you can decorate the chairs with ribbons and balloons. It will also make the kids sing along to the Christmas songs.

Christmas Lights

Christmas night lights

This game will help your kid learn about the importance of different colored lights on traffic signals and, at the same time, make it fun. Make the kids stand far away from the leader (almost 6-7 feet). The leader then shouts green light, red light, or yellow light, and for each light, the children have to act differently.

For instance, when the leader says red lights, the kids have to stop walking; when the leader says yellow light, the kids have to walk slowly, and when the leader says green light, the kids have to run. The one who reaches the leader in the shortest time wins.


Christmas is the time of the year everyone looks forward to the most. When you plan a Christmas party, make sure you include activities for people of all ages, both children and adults, so that no one feels left out. These fun baby Christmas games will add so much enjoyment to your Christmas party and make you everyone’s favorite, especially the kids.

The best thing about most of these games is that you don’t have to do a lot of preparation beforehand, but we would still recommend you to plan them ahead of time to make sure they go smoothly. 

The article stated some of the best and most popular games for toddlers from fun candy hunts to musical chairs. The main aim of all these games is that the little ones just do not sit in a corner on Christmas; they feel like a part of all the celebration. They get to enjoy just like everyone else.

Tell us in the comments what games and activities do you prepare for the little ones on Christmas. More importantly, are you going to try our best Christmas games for babies, and are you excited for them!